RadioAccess delivers a complete portfolio of network products and services for mobile communication networks.
Our main activities:

Distributed Antenna Networks (DAS)

• Mission Critical Communication Systems (Clarity Private GSM systems)

Mobile Operators (Indoor RAN solutions with picocells, femtocells and repeaters)

In addition to providing all necessary solutions, RadioAccess has all the knowledge to design (complex) mobile network solutions.
Our Network Management Center (NMC) is fully equipped for monitoring and managing these remote networks.
We have gained a unique position in the mobile market with a strong team of enthusiastic, creative, innovative and professional staff with one common goal:
’Delivering high quality mobile communication solutions’’
Our customers include, Mobile Operators, Enterprises, Healthcare Institutions, Hospitals and Government.


Experts by experience and common sense!

It’s our mission to be a major player in the field of designing, delivering and managing mobile communication networks, national and international.
Our team of dedicated professionals are showing appreciation and respect to our customers for quality, health, safety and the environment.
The combination of enthusiasm, knowledge, skills, experience, creativity and entrepreneurial ability, combined with social responsibility are key elements of the proven success of RadioAccess.
Our employees are experts by training and experience.


‘’Optimal Mobile Coverage ’’

The use of a mobile phone as the major communication tool is a part of our daily society.
It rapidly increase caused by mobile internet and mobile applications.
Mobile Operators are dealing with capacity and network coverage problems so they need to a solution which RadioAccess can provide.
The ideal solution for this is: Bringing the ‘outside signal inside’ with Clarity Private GSM or Clarity Private LTE.

RadioAccess is a respected and innovative partner for Mobile Network Operators regarding supplying Indoor Mobile Networks.
In this way, the need to expand energy-consuming and complex antenna structures on buildings, the capacity of these networks “outdoor” are restricted to subscribers outside.
Subscribers are using their mobile phone through small, low power cells or DAS Networks.
They experience optimal mobile range, high data rates coupled with a long battery life.

‘’Mission Critical Communication’’

Reliable communication when using a mobile phone, makes high demands on the public mobile networks such as coverage, capacity and availability.
This even more important if the choice is to replace fixed telephony by mobile telephony so the employee can communicate by only one phone, the mobile phone!
Other traditional business-critical systems such as DECT phones and Pagers can be replaced by only one mobile phone with Clarity Private GSM.
This mobile communication solution provides optimal coverage, guaranteed capacity and fast delivery of messages (SMS) and a minimum availability of 99,99%.

Through smart links with switchboards, servers and fire alarm systems, it’s possible to merge all existing communication systems together with our Clarity solutions.
All communications are fully secured!
The use of only one mobile phone delivers enormous time savings in both acquisition and maintenance of communication, but also particulary in accessibility, processes and efficiency!