Our Partners

RadioAccess delivers solutions which can be connected to existing telephone exchanges and alarm servers.
We co-operate with partners (such as PBX vendors) to make this possible, and in particular, to test and certify.

The integration of our solutions with existing or new systems, offers significant added value to accessibility, reliability and ease of use.
Our experience, knowledge and expertise is huge.
We are happy to design a mobile solution that meets all expectations for our customers into a mobile telecommunications solution.


Some of our partnerships




In cooperation with Axell Wireless, RadioAccess carries out projects in the corporate market to improve mobile communications.



vodafone RadioAccess has been realized at over 500 locations Indoor GSM/UMTS coverage and capacity based on femtocells and picocells to include operator Vodafone in business services, manufacturing, utility’s, non profit organizations, healthcare, retail and local government sectors in The Netherlands.


RTEmagicC_KPN-logo.jpg Commissioned by KPN, RadioAccess provides solutions for Clarity Private GSM and Indoor Antenna Networks.
Examples of recently completed projects include Theater Carré, Refaja Hospital and LUMC (Leids University Medical Center).
With Clarity Private GSM combined with the PABX KPN users get access to all types of wireless communication via a mobile device.


In collaboration with Berge Henegouwen, RadioAccess provides wireless communications aboard super yachts.

In cooperation with Radio Holland, RadioAccess delivers Clarity Private GSM systems on board of workboats.
With this solution, the crew can receive calls with a mobile phone on the closed GSM network.
This network is linked to the PABX on board the ship. In addition to calling themselves, the alarm occurs through this system.

In cooperation with Imtech ICT, RadioAccess delivers Clarity Private GSM solutions.
With the combination of Clarity Private GSM and communication solutions, Imtech ICT users get a unified experience across fixed and mobile communications.