RadioAccess has a large number of projects in progress simultaneously, some of them are in their final phase.



At mission critical projects and special coverage locations at health institutions, RadioAccess can deliver a standalone Private GSM solution.
The connection to the PBX (PABX) ensures that the functionalities of fixed telephony services are maintained.
The result is a guaranteed coverage and better accessibility because all communication takes place by a mobile device.
The continuity of the communication processes is ensured in emergency and safety cases.


Mobile accessibility is of great importance for industrial organizations and their employees to communicate.
A good network coverage in large venues like factories, terminals and storage and transhipment sites are crucial for the complex processes and emergencies. With our mobile communication solutions, risks are limited when it comes to the safety of employees and the continuity of business.


RadioAccess provides a comprehensive range of services and solutions for the mobile range of GSM, improving UMTS, 3G and 4G networks in buildings.
The RadioAccess products include femtocells, picocells, repeaters and DAS systems.
These mobile solutions are applicable in the private marketas well, as in corporate environments (offices, healthcare facilities and car parks).