Some of our projects in progress

“It’s a real honor for us to cooperate with a daily reality show”

Optimal mobile communication

Optimal mobile communication is required. Not only in private situations but also in business. The number of using a mobile device is increasing significantly. We want to be able to operate fully mobile and no longer depend on site-specific work stations or fixed phones. Flexibility and efficiency are the trends in mobile communication. RadioAccess delivers solutions to help organizations to make the right decisions. With the result: optimal mobile coverage.

RTEmagicC_Erasmus-MC.pngErasmus MC
After finishing the East Building Unit (completed in 2013) RadioAccess has also been commisioned to the West Building Unit of the hospital Erasmus MC at Rotterdam in The Netherlands.
This again relates to the construction of the Active DAS system. Besides C2000 signal and mobile radio, T-Mobile has coupled (2G and 3G) and Erasmus started a POC for their own Private GSM system.

RadioAccess has been realized at over 500 locations Indoor GSM/UMTS coverage and capacity based on femtocells and picocells to include operator Vodafone in business services, manufacturing, utility’s, non profit organizations, healthcare, retail and local government sectors in The Netherlands.
RTEmagicC_Utopia.pngUTOPIA (Talpa)
In January 2014, the reality show ‘Utopia’ of Talpa Productions has started broadcasting daily on Dutch television (SBS6). RadioAccess delivered a Private GSM solution for the residents of Utopia.

RTEmagicC_Radboud_UMC.pngRadboud UMC
RadioAccess builds a passive DAS system including coupling of the A-Building at healthcentre UMC Radboud at Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
amcAcademic Medical Center
The Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam gets a new DAS system (Distributed Antenna System), designed, supplied and installed by RadioAccess.
The total hospital complex covers over 500,000 m2 and this broadband antenna system offers indoor coverage for mobile operators and paging.
AMC wants its employees to fully transition from fixed to mobile phones and this antenna system offers all features and full guarantee of accessibility.