All wireless communication via one mobile phone and one network

Mobile communication with Clarity Private GSM for healthcare
When you visit a hospital you cannot deny: doctors and nurses whose white coats are bulging of the communications tools.
They often have a DECT phone, a pager, a cell phone and they usually have a fixed telephone.
Because every second counts in these mission critical locations, RadioAccess has a solution with Clarity.

Clarity Private GSM

With Clarity Private GSM employees can use their mobile phone for all internal and external communications.
As a result, no separate DECT phone, pager or landline is needed anymore.
All communications (voice and data) are managed via one mobile phone without sacrificing functionality of a fixed telephone line.
Incoming calls from a landline and / or pager will be automatically redirected to the mobile phone.
As a result, health care workers are much more accessible.
In addition, significant savings are possible with Clarity Private GSM compared to the purchase and management of the various communications networks and associated devices!

Mission Critical Locations

On mission critical projects and special coverage locations, as healthcare institutes, RadioAccess provides a standalone Private GSM solution.
The connection to the PBX ensures that the functionalities of fixed telephony services are maintained.
The result is a guaranteed coverage and better accessibility because all communication is done via one mobile device.
Also, the continuity of the communication processes is guaranteed in any emergency and safety risks.