All wireless communication via one mobile phone and one network

Clarity Private GSM in the industry

Mobile accessibility is very important for industrial organizations and their employees to communicate.
A good network coverage in large venues as factories, terminals and storage and transhipment sites are crucial for the complex processes and any emergencies.
With a mobile communication solution of RadioAccess risks are limited when it comes to the safety of employees and the continuity of business.


Poor Coverage

DECT technology is very sensitive to changes in the environment, moving walls and cabinets.
This poor coverage is not only annoying, but can even lead to serious problems in case of emergency.
A private GSM network gives all kind of industries better coverage than DECT and at lower cost.

Mobile Access Anywhere

With Clarity Private GSM we can create your own GSM network within your premises or at the business park.
The major advantages are:

  • Lower costs for mobile phone subscriptions
  • Much better coverage indoor and outdoor
  • One mobile phone for all communications
  • Fully integrated with all kinds of PBX

Clarity Private GSM

Especially for companies that depend on mobility, such as industrial companies, Clarity Private GSM is an outcome.
The strength of this solution is that disasters and emergencies without major investments can be integrated with the existing CPG solution.

The Clarity Private GSM solution is linked to the existing warning systems, which allows messages to be displayed on the mobile phone directly.
With this function, your all your employees will be contacted directly in case of emergencies!
This makes Clarity Private GSM an indispensable link in the mobile communications industry.