Clarity Private LTE

The Clarity Private LTE solution of RadioAccess is a high performance data system.
LTE means: Long Term Evolution.
RadioAccess delivers several solutions for Private UMTS, 3G/4G.

With the deployment of WiFi and Private GSM there are limitations in receiving and sending data.
The Clarity Private LTE solution that was introduced in 2012 by RadioAccess, will ensure that the mobile network will not fail at the most crucial moments.
This technology is very suitable to be used in emergencies or larger planned or unplanned events.
In these so-called ‘mission critical locations’ fast act is required.
The capacity of Clarity Private LTE provides guarantee for a perfect opening speech, text and high-speed data.
In particular environments where mobile unlocking of data is essential in order to function properly, are asking for a large reception, sensitivity and redundancy.

In the next few years, LTE 4G Advanced (3 Gbps) will be one of the most used communication solutions