RadioAccess has the most cost effective Small Cell solution for mobile operators


No signal! RadioAccess has the solution!

RadioAccess provides a comprehensive range of services and solutions to the mobile range of GSM and UMTS/3G/4G networks to improve in buildings and mission critical locations.
RadioAccess solutions include small cells (femtocells, picocells, repeaters) and DAS systems.
These mobile solutions are to apply in the private market (homes, apartment complexes) and in corporate environments (offices, healthcare facilities and car parks).

For Mobile Network Operators we have a unique and cost effective solution!

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RadioAccess has a proven experience with small cell solutions for mobile network operators like Vodafone.
We know the answer to questions from mobile operators and what their biggest problems are.
How to minimize the costs/subscriber and how to guarantee better mobile coverage for our customers.

Because every situation is different, we can provide the best solution when you contact one of our experts.