small-cellSmall Cells as a Service (SCaaS)

Most cost-effective 3,5G Small Cell Solution for Operators

RadioAccess is introducing the most cost-effective 3,5G indoor – outdoor Small Cell solution for Mobile Network Operators.
Our Unique ‘Pay as you grow’ model supports low costs and low volume entry and is easy to integrate in your network and business case.
Our Small Cell Solution is future proof and will lower business risks to a minimum.

Our solutions are for indoor – outdoor small cells to meet coverage and capacity.

For 5 years RadioAccess has gained a unique position with full managed services for 2G/3G solutions.
In addition to providing all necessary solutions, RadioAccess has all the knowledge to design, implement and manage small cell mobile network solutions.
Our Network Management Center (NMC) is fully equipped for monitoring and managing small cell mobile networks.
With a strong team of enthusiastic, creative, innovative and professional staff, we all have one common goal:
Delivering high quality mobile communication solutions!


SmallCoreCell_FemtoOptimal Mobile Coverage with SCaaS

- Plug & Play femtocell solutions, live within 15 minutes!
- Our indoor – outdoor small cell solution is next generation proof
- Your customer satisfaction will grow
- No hidden costs or surprises, it’s all in one package!

No high volume Small Cell products needed!

- LOW impact on operator resources
- Low volume entry and LOW costs/subscriber
- Our gateway supports almost every type of femtocell
- One gateway for Enterprise and Residential Small Cell solutions
- Growth path to 4G/LTE-A and high volumes
- Full managed services for the entire Small Cell solution operated from the MNO’s switch room
- All hardware resides in Operator domain, no security or legal issues
- Internet or DSL backhaul

smallcellhealthSmall Cells & health

Consumer health is always a top concern for the mobile industry.
This is why we design our products to fully comply with the guidelines for human exposure to electromagnetic emissions issued by the International Commission on Non- Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and other related authorities.


Small Cells emit very low levels of radio waves when being used. The safety of radiowaves has been extensively studied for more then 50 years.
Numerous independent scientific expert panels, health agencies and standard-setting organizations around the world, regulary review this large and growing body of research.