GSM_Sniffer_01GSM Sniffer – Indoor Location Determination

Non-stop network monitoring: GSM Sniffer

Mission critical wireless communication

For companies and institutions, in particular special coverage locations, the use of GSM has become indispensable as a primary way of communication.
Private GSM solutions, such as the Clarity system of Radio Access, provides an excellent option with an excellent price / performance ratio.
But there is more!
Managing the availability of wireless networks requires a different approach than before with landline phones. In many cases, certification is required according to standards as NEN2575.
Especially for this application RadioAccess developed the GSM Sniffer.

Non-stop network monitoring

To operate a fire alarm system to the strict requirements of the NEN2575 standard it is imperative that the proper functioning of the Clarity private GSM network is continuously measured and that failure can be alerted immediately. RadioAccess’ GMS Sniffer permanently measures the field strength of the GSM radio network, routing information, is connected to the Clarity Management System and gives the required date information available about the status of the private GSM network. When crossing adjustable values the Clarity Management System is able to generate alarms that are sent to the administrator. As a result, within the shortest possible time the right people will be informed in case of faults, via SNMP or an ESPA link.

Easy installation and flexible management

The GSM network is monitored by the Sniffer. This system is actually very simple and cost effective. There is no need for network cabling and switch ports and no management. Only a 230V power supply and a built-in battery provide autonomous operation for 60 minutes in case of power cut.

The Clarity Management System provides active monitoring. If the GSM network failure and GSM Sniffer therefore unreachable, an alarm will be given immediately. The system also allows for storage of all measured data and provides flexible reporting capabilities. This allows the performance of the private GSM network for longer periods are assessed.

indoor location

Accurate indoor location determination

In addition, the GSM Sniffer is suitable for Indoor Localization.
Both the location of persons and equipment can be determined by means of the Kadex Active Tag.
Tags for this are available at multiple models, as well as an active tag option for rugged Sonim mobile phones.
The accompanying software suite provides state of the art management capabilities above.

Innovative and reliable

In cooperation with Kadex RadioAccess developed the GSM Sniffer. It is a unique and innovative system which is in increasing demand for business-critical environments.
RadioAccess provides security when it comes to network reliability for optimum communication where efficiency and safety are guaranteed.