Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

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We do have bad mobile coverage in our company building.
Can we buy a signal repeater in a webshop to setup this in our building?

No you can’t! It will not work without the permission of your mobile network operator. These frequencies are reserved for mobile operators only.

Do you have mobile coverage solutions for private people?

RadioAccess cooperates with mobile network operators. Whenever you have problems with the mobile signal in your area you can contact your network operator.
RadioAccess delivers services to mobile network operators.

What are picocells?

A picocell is a small mobile base station that improves in-building cellular coverage. Picocells have a range of up to 30,000 square feet and can support up to 100 users.

What are femtocells?

A femtocell is a wireless access point that improves cellular reception inside a home or office building. The device, which resembles a wireless router, essentially acts as a VOIP repeater.

Do you sell mobile phones with mobile subscriptions?

No not for private people, we deliver solutions for private gsm in buildings. (your own private mobile network)